Wednesday, September 10, 2014

How to Invest in the Industrial Equipment Sector

If you have wondered how to play the anticipated resurgence in manufacturing in the U.S., the industrial equipment industry could be the place to look for stocks to buy. The logic behind this view is simple: If the economy is flourishing, manufacturing companies will look to expand capacity and spending on capital machinery will increase. At this stage general industrial equipment companies such as Siemens, ABB (NYSE: ABB  ) , Parker-Hannifin (NYSE: PH  ) , Honeywell International (NYSE: HON  ) , and Emerson Electric (NYSE: EMR  )  start to look attractive. Investors should also consider more niche market players such as vision machine company Cognex (NASDAQ: CGNX  ) or Roper Industries (NYSE: ROP  ) . It's time to look closer at the industry.

Source: Motley Fool Flickr Account.

What is the industrial equipment industry?

In essence, the industry represents any item of capital machinery that is sold to an industrial company in order to enable its manufacturing or processing activity. While this traditionally means hardware, investors should recognize that software and information technology are becoming an increasing part of the industry.


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