Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Why Emerson Electric Could Fall Further

Industrial equipment manufacturer Emerson Electric's (NYSE: EMR  ) stock price is down more than 8% year to date, and investors must be wondering when the company will join the broader market rally. By management's own admission, sales growth has been lower than hoped for this year. Moreover, there are a number of reasons the company could continue to disappoint investors in the near term. Let's look at three of them.

Emerson Electric needs more spending on energy infrastructure Source: Motley Fool Flickr.

An uncertain geopolitical situationIf there is one thing that has affected the company this year, it's geopolitical concerns. Essentially, sales have grown slower than orders as customers continue to display cautiousness on current spending due to global tensions. Unfortunately, there are no shortages of issues to worry about, including conflicts in the Middle East and Ukraine, the debt default situation in Argentina, and emerging market growth coming in lower than expected. Caution is not an uncommon situation in the industrial equipment sector right now.


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