Thursday, April 7, 2016

5 Industrial Stocks With Minimal Oil & Gas Exposure

Falling oil prices have pressured industrial companies with significant exposure to the sector, and investors would have been best advised to steer clear of such companies in the past year. That said, not all industrial companies have significant energy exposure. For those looking to avoid energy here are five industrial names for you to look at.

Aerospace and construction
United Technologies
(NYSE: UTX) has negligible direct energy exposure. Its four segments consist of Pratt & Whitney (aircraft engines); Otis elevators; a climate, controls, and security (construction) business; and aerospace systems. You could argue that low oil prices might reduce demand for newer, more fuel-efficient aircraft, but Boeing and Airbus orders have held up well, and increased airline profitability is supportive of future aerospace growth.  
United Technologies' stock prospects are more tied to its ability to deliver on three key objectives in 2016:


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