Sunday, May 11, 2014

Can GE Continue to Outperform?

It's hard to make the case that General Electric  isn't necessarily the best bellwether for the industrial economy, but I'm going to do it anyway! The argument is that the company's profitability is skewed toward a few large sectors of the economy. Ultimately, a company like Emerson Electric   may prove more indicative of the industrial sector overall, with Rockwell Automation  providing a good proxy for capital spending in the manufacturing sector.

Indeed, understanding General Electric's profit drivers is the key to Fools answering another question. Specifically, just how did the company record 8% revenue growth in its industrial segment in the recent quarter?

General Electric outperforming its peers in the first quarter
The question is relevant because Emerson Electric is expecting underlying growth of only 3%-5% this year, while Rockwell Automation's forecast of 3%-6% growth is pretty similar. With this in mind, is General Electric likely to continue growing its industrial revenue at nearly double what its peers are doing?