Friday, May 16, 2014

Honeywell International Equity Research

Earnings season is in full flow and the industrial heavyweights are all giving reports. General Electric Company, Danaher  and Honeywell International  have all recently released their earnings. For want of a better description, these companies are usually lumped together and called industrial conglomerates, but Foolish investors will want to know what makes one more attractive than the other. In other words, why buy a stock like Honeywell International, rather than General Electric or Danaher?

Honeywell International raises guidance, sort of
With a diversified industrial with a market cap of $73 billion, it's going to take a pretty seismic change of fortunes within any one industry in order to significantly adjust earnings guidance. This was certainly the case with Honeywell's latest results. Despite, full-year sales guidance being increased by $100 million to $3.9 billion for its transportation unit, the only change to EPS guidance was to see the bottom end raised by $0.05, resulting in a revised full-year guidance of $5.40-$5.55.